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The Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America Government Affairs Committee is committed to providing timely information on issues that are specific to the needs of veterans and their families. Citizens may show support by contacting their elected officials in person or via phone or e-mail, to keep the needs of our veterans and their families in the limelight as relevant acts impacting our membership are considered.

Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America does not pay professional lobbyists, nor do we lobby as an organization, for any legislative action. We do not support any political party or candidate on any level. The Government Affairs Committee merely provides information to the membership, solely for their use as individuals in grass roots actions at all levels of government.



MARCH 27, 2020

Click here to read the comments regarding HR748, the COVID-19 Relief Bill





Use the link below to read the article about improvements in VA Community Care:




Click here for an easy to follow listing of information that will make contacting congress as easy as 1 2 3!




FIND YOUR CONGRESS MEMBER: (**You can still find the names, but the info is no longer available. You can google your senator or representative once you find the names.  We are looking for alternative software)