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AVVA has formal Certificates of Appreciation with the AVVA National President's signature, available for you to request. These are to be used for very special circumstances. If you would like to request a National Certificate for one of your members, please contact President Joanna Henshaw.

Here you are offered a full color printable Certificate of Appreciation that you can award to your members from yourself, as a state representative or president, or as a chapter representative or president. This certificate can be filled out online, and then printed and signed, or it can be printed blank and filled out by hand.

PLEASE use a Certificate Paper, or a nice parchment style paper to print the certificate on, so that it will look professional. You will want it to look as nice as possible so that it will be the "thank you" that you intend it to be.

A Couple of things to consider:

The font that the name of the person you are awarding will show in is going to depend on the Browser you are using (e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, AOL-IE, etc.). If it does not appear on the screen in a font you like (the set font is Bristle), try downloading the blank certificate to your computer, and then opening it with Adobe Reader, and see if it shows property. Baring that, you can try a different browser or consider printing it with just the name left blank and writing it in by hand. This is not something we can control.

It can be critical that your paper is lined up in your printer just exactly straight and correct. If not, the Certificate may print off-center or crooked.

Recommended paper is a "certificate" paper, which comes pre-printed with various boarders to choose from, or a nice "parchment" type paper in a soft color, such as light beige, white, or very pale yellow. These papers are generally not overly expensive.

Access the printable Certificate Here.

Below, you can see a sample of what it will look like once printed. (this is a scanned sample - it will look different when you print becauseyour paper color will have an effect.)