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Incorporating an AVVA Subsidiary

The AVVA Policy and Procedure Manual contains a section explaining everything you need to know about the incorporation of AVVA states and chapters. It is in our best interest as an organization, and in your best interest as state and chapter groups, to consider this step.

THE FIRST THING YOU NEED TO KNOW IS: Incorporating your chapter or state will give you the ability to solicit donations, and to raise your own funds. Once AVVA completes our conversion to a 501(C)3, which is currently in the works, your donors will also be able to claim donations as a deduction on their taxes.

THE SECOND THING YOU NEED TO KNOW IS: Incorporating your group will give you control over your own events and your own funds, even though you are certainly still welcome to work side-by-side with your VVA chapter on their activities, if that is what you have been doing, and wish to continue.

THE THIRD THING YOU NEED TO KNOW IS: States only need a total of 50 regular members within the state to incorporate, and chapters only need 10 regular members to incorporate.

AND FINALLY  YOU SHOULD KNOW that filing to incorporate as an independent chapter is exclusively when there is no corresponding VVA  or AVVA in your immediate area, or if there is some mitigating circumstance that prevents your ability to incorporate with an existing chapter.  If these conditions do not apply, you will be petitioning to incorporate with your current chapter number.

Incorporation of states and chapter in AVVA is NOT the same process as it is in VVA. Please refer to the AVVA policy to find out details. We welcome questions from VVA members as well, and anyone with questions may contact the National Incorporation Chair: Bobbie Morris for information and answers.

Link to incorporation documents:  Click Here